Leadership: Too many HOD’s Lose the Plot

11 Jan 2019 no comments Prasad Patil 27 Views

“Too many cooks spoil the Broth”, an old saying that finds relevance even today in the corporate environment. But before we go to analyzing it, let us first try to pin the reason for this old adage coming up. 


The question that comes to my mind when I think of this popular saying is: 

Why did the owner put so many cooks together in the first place…

And a few probable reasons that I can think of are:


  1. The restaurant owner was not comfortable with the ability of a single Chef to handle the task at hand.
  1. The restaurant owner did not want the complete control to rest in one person for fear of redundancy.


  1. The restaurant owner was completely disconnected with the happenings on ground and hence wanted to have multiple people watching each other.


  1. Lastly, he genuinely thought that more people will contribute to success of the output.

We can safely say that the last case is a classic example of someone living in a fool’s paradise.

Same is the case seen in management today where we find top heavy organizational structures, wherein job roles conflict with each other to such an extent that it becomes impossible to perform effectively and efficiently.

The reasons for the leadership hiring too many leaders are pretty much the same as that of the restaurant owner.

Management and corporate teams should be very clear about creating organization structures with complete faith in the leadership. Further, the leadership must be tasked with clear and concise roles instead of showing distrust and lack of faith.

If this does not happen, then like the adage “too many cooks spoil the broth”, the organization will end up in a scenario where “too many HOD’s lose the plot